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Welcome to The Foreclosure Assistance Center at John O’Neill Property Services. We specialize in helping homeowners that are facing foreclosure. Defaulting on your mortgage is a scary situation. The stress and sleep deprivation are enough to completely unsettle your life.  We want you to feel better now.  You must know that you have options before foreclosure.  We have counseled hundreds of individuals and families in your same situation and have found that many people don’t realize that they have options before foreclosure.

Under the John O’Neill Property Services umbrella, we have real estate attorneys defending against active foreclosures, bankruptcy attorneys, estate attorneys, mortgage professionals and credit repair specialists.

While our specialty is in short sales, a short sale is not always the right solution for each homeowner.  We review your individual situation with you to determine if the short sale is best, or if there may be a better alternative such as protect & stay, loan modification, principal balance reduction, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu.

If we determine a short sale is your best option, our service does not stop there.  Working together with our team, we will not only assist you in the sale of your home, but assist you in the rebuilding process after and in preparing you for your next home purchase down the road.  Before we even close escrow, you will have the option of working together with our credit repair specialist to remove the short sale from your credit and assist in rebuilding. Upon closing, our mortgage professional will guide you on the steps needed to begin saving and preparing.

We have worked hard to build a team of professionals to not only get you through this difficult time as smoothly as possible but also assist you in the rebuilding you will have ahead.

Our team handles listing and short sale negotiations for all of Long Island and the 5 Boroughs.  If you have found us and have a property located somewhere other than the areas mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we may be able to assist you.

We offer Free, Discreet consultations over the phone, at our office, or in your home and there is never any obligation.

  • We NEVER charge you ANY out of pocket fees. 
  • You will ALWAYS deal directly with our team from the first phone call to closing. We handle the negotiations directly and you will never be passed off to another agent, processor or third party negotiator.


Please take the time to browse through our site and gather the information that you are looking for.  Our site has been built with the intention of providing you with as much information as possible to assist you in making an informed decision.

If at any time you have further questions or would like to further discuss your situation to determine what options you have available, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call or email and we will always be happy to take the time to discuss your situation.